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Ski & snowboard private lessons Lech

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Welcome to the world of snow sports – an adventure that promises both challenges and unforgettable moments. Whether you're daring to take your first steps on skis or are already an experienced skier, our personalized ski lessons and professional ski guiding open the doors to new experiences.

Private ski & snowboard lessons


Based in Lech, we offer...

In the heart of Lech right next to the Schlegelkopf lift is our office  located in a small log cabin. It is our starting point for all activities on and off the slopes. Our private courses are your most personal path to success in ski lessons and your experience in the mountains. Find your ultimate ski, snowboard, telemark, or cross-country skiing experience with us.

Here at the Alpincenter Lech, we understand that every skier is unique - with personal goals, skills, and dreams. That's why we design our courses and tours to be tailored to your individual needs and pace. This allows you to fully unlock your potential and better enjoy the mountain experience.

Private ski lessons at the Omeshorn Alpincenter Lech ski school

Welcome to our world-class ski school, where we offer expert instruction, unforgettable experiences and a passion for the slopes that will take your skiing and snowboarding skills to new levels.

The magic of the snow-covered mountains beckons you to be close to them. The ascent to the peak, with a fascinating view and the rewarding descent, make you forget your daily routine and find peace. Our guides lead you to where you can experience the majestic beauty of the mountains far away from the crowded slopes.

Incomparable mountain experiences with your private guide

Do you dream of wedeln down the slopes? Do you want to give your technique the final polish? Do you wish to ski with more confidence? In our private lessons, our ski instructors personally assist you in turning your desires into reality.

Your tailored path to success

Mountain guide in Lech

Try it out. Discover new ways to move in the mountains, whether it be with snowboarding, telemark skiing, cross-country skiing, or snowshoes. Our instructors are your coach in learning or perfecting.

Unleash your potential with other snow sports

Private snowboarding lessons
Private ski lessons

Our most important task is to assess the dangers in the mountains as best as possible, so that you can return safely from your adventure on or off the piste. Every day, we evaluate the avalanche risk as a team, discuss potential risks, and are always mindful of accident hazards during the ride. With an eye on the weather, we try to find the optimal snow conditions for your experience with us on the mountain.

Safety first! We take our responsibility seriously

We understand the special challenges and difficulties of winter sports. It is our goal to teach you all the necessary skills, regardless of your age and ability, so that you can safely and effortlessly master any descent by the end of the day.

All ages and skill levels welcome

Escape your everyday routine and leave behind obligations and duties. Our ski instructors and ski guides are always there to actively support you on your path to personal learning success and mountain experience.

Personal instructions

Through personalized care, we guarantee lessons on the slopes that are adapted to your learning behavior and take your personal prerequisites into account. We specifically use practical learning methods, so that you can easily and simply understand and learn how to improve your skiing skills.

Tailored focus

By focusing on your wishes and goals, we can tease the learning progress out of you. Every new change will make you want even more. The engine of success is the harmonious interaction with our authentic team. They mediate to you the joy of the ease of learning. This ease and our intensive and personalised support will help you make the greatest progress in your learning.

Optimal learning outcomes

Only experiences associated with positive emotions stay with us for a lifetime. These "magic moments" do not require perfect weather or perfect snow. They require the passion we bring for this sport and our nature. We let you share in our fascination and create unforgettable moments for you.

Unforgettable experiences


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The snowshoe hike is absolutely recommended. Suitable for every fitness level, as you can decide individually where to go and whether the route should be flatter or steeper. You have a great view, you're in the fresh air and you can enjoy the undisturbed peace and quiet. My guide every year is super friendly, careful, fit and pleasant.

Manja Gottschalk

I can only warmly recommend the guides at the Alpincenter Lech. We booked two guides, Andre and Ludwig, for our group of 7 and they were exceptional. Even though the conditions on the groomed slopes were not that good, they took us to places on the mountain we never would have been able to find and we were able to ski in the powder. A bit of hiking with breathtaking views!

It was an incredible day. They were very competent guides, super friendly and we had the most fun. I will book them again every time we come back.

Jennifer Laine

My guide Andre was absolutely fantastic and I can only highly recommend the Alpincenter Lech. Apart from being super professional and providing great service, their knowledge and understanding of the ski and mountain conditions was amazing.
Many thanks again to Andre and to the Alpincenter

Phano Polycarpou